A social/support group for people attracted to more than one gender


Leeds Bi Group has been running since October 2014 and provides a variety of spaces for bi+ people and allies in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Our main meet up is a monthly talky space at MESMAC which is a chance for peoples aged 18 years and over who are, or think they might be, attracted to more than one gender. We also have a variety of other meet ups and events throughout the year. See What We Do for more information.

Leeds Bi Group uses bi+ as an umbrella term which can include, but is not limited to, people who are: bisexual/biromanti/bi, pansexual/panromantic/pan, polysexual, queer, unlabelled or questioning. We also recognise that people may experience different types of attraction (such as sexual, romantic and emotional) at different levels and not necessarily to the same degree for different genders. We respect people’s choices of labels (or lack of them).