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Annual General Meeting Minutes

April 2019

Chairs Report

Leeds Bi Group has four regular meet ups per month:

  • Talky space at Mesmac

  • Pub Meet at Wharf Chambers

  • Cafe Meet at Flamingos Coffee House

  • Social Space

Last year we attended Leeds, York and Harrogate Prides. We also celebrated Bi Visibility day in September with a Bi Talk event. Leeds Bi Group has worked closely with local organisations such Leeds City Council, Touchstone, Pinsent Masons, Mesmac and Leeds Pride. This year will see Leeds Bi Group turn 5 Years Old.

Treasurers Report

Current Balance £491.77
Money In:

  • Badge, t-shirt and bag sales

  • Leeds Pride Community Grant

  • Compensation from Barclays Bank

  • Leeds City Council LGBT+ Community Hub

  • Touchstone

  • Other Donations

Money Out

  • Leeds Pride Bi+ Brunch

  • Bi Talk (Bi Visibility day event)

  • Pride attendance at York and Harrogate Prides

  • Badge maker

  • Other Expenditures

Talky Spaces

Next AGM set for the April 2020 talky space
10 talky spaces taking place 2nd Wednesday of the month (no talky space in December

Suggestions and Ideas:

  • Bi+ 101

  • Coming Out

  • Hate Crime

  • Being out at work

  • Language

  • Academics

  • History


Social Meets

Our yearly picnic will now be in conjunction with TransLeeds

The monthly cafe meet up at Flamingos will start soon

Considering a monthly board gaming meet up at Geek Retreat - to start later in the year and consider no longer having ad hoc socials (in favour of set dates for pub, cafe and board gaming meets)

Suggestions for remaining socials:

  • Leeds Pride in August

  • Birthday party in October

  • Board gaming

  • Retro video gaming

  • Meal at Trinity Kitchen

  • Trip to York (possibly in conjunction with their local bi group)

  • Lazer tag

  • Movie night

Pub Meets

1st Tues of the Month at Wharf Chambers
Danni and Adam currently leading, happy to continue but open to new volunteers
Keep the official start time as 7.30pm, but generally open to people arriving from 7.00pm

Other Events

IDAHoBiT stalls - Lands Lane Sat 18th May
York Pride (stall) - 8th June
Leeds Pride (stall) - Leeds City Museum Sat 3rd August

Leeds Pride (march) - 4th August
Leeds Pride event - Bisexual Drag Wizard Prospero Acronym for a fun event, possibly the Wednesday before pride, depends on funding
Bi Visibility Day - Last few years have been serious talks, time for a change. Entertainment, possibly a cabaret night (Bisexuals got Talent?)
5th Birthday - Chill event, with cake
Pan Visibility Day 2020 - If anybody wants to volunteer to run anything, we are open however there are already lots of events to plan to do anything officially. To ask the council about flying a pansexual flag to mark the day


Thanks for Adam for running the Newsletter - Happy to Continue. Please contact us if you know of any events you feel should be advertised in the Newsletter

Social Media:

  • Facebook – regular events are now on auto repeat setting to make advertising easier

  • Twitter – haven't used in a long while, is it useful? Or too open to trolls? Do people want us to start using it again? Possible poll, committee to discuss

  • Danni is running the instagram

Need to update the website  

New Governance/Documentation


New Constitution

  • Copies were available to read at the AGM, can be accessed on request until website is updated

  • Voting members vote and accept the new constitution

New Code of Conduct

  • Brief of the new CoC

  • Voted in

Complaints, Compliments and Comments policy

  • New way of handling complaints, compliments and comments - overview given

  • Voted in


Volunteers are very welcome to help with different aspects of the group (eg with stalls or running eents). Please email or contact on Facebook if people would like to volunteer


No comments
Thank you from Emily (Chair) to all committee members, volunteersand group attendees

Leeds Bi Group Committee Election

Chairperson – Emily – elected unopposed
Treasurer – Adam – elected unopposed
Secretary – Jonathan – elected unopposed
2 other committee roles – Ellen and Danni elected unopposed

Date set for next AGM 8th April 2020.

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