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Complains, Compliments and Comments Policy

April 2019


Leeds Bi Group is committed to providing its attendees, members and organisers with the best possible services which meet their needs and to ensuring that they are treated fairly and with respect.  
Comments, complaints and compliments provide feedback about what our service users think of our services and this feedback will be used to assist Leeds Bi Group in continually improving its services.


A complaint is defined as being any expression of dissatisfaction with the service that Leeds Bi Group provides, whether it is justified or not. 
A comment is defined as being the expression of an idea, suggestion or opinion on how Leeds Bi Group could improve its services.  
A compliment is defined as being feedback which informs Leeds Bi Group that it has provided a service well.

Procedure for Comments and Compliments

If an individual/group wants to make a comment or compliment on Leeds Bi Group’s work this may be done either verbally or in writing.  
If an individual wants a verbal comment/compliment to be dealt with in accordance with the procedure used for complaints, rather than being seen as an informal matter, this must be made clear at the time the comment/compliment is being made.

If a response is requested, contact details will be taken to allow this.
When a comment/compliment is received, the person in receipt of it should inform the Leeds Bi Group committee. The committee will then record it to ensure it is tracked and responded to within the specified timescales.  
The Committee will reply to the person making the comment/compliment. The reply will include details of any action which Leeds Bi Group is to take as a result of the comment/compliment, where appropriate.


Procedure for Complaints

This section sets out the procedure to be followed should an individual, group  or volunteer wish to make a complaint regarding their use of Leeds Bi Group meet ups or events or the conduct of a Leeds Bi Group worker or another volunteer.

The individual/group/volunteer making the complaint has the right to representation of their choice at every stage of the formal procedure, which may include using an advocacy service.

Stages of Complaints Procedure
Complaints about an individual worker, volunteer or group of workers or volunteers or a Leeds Bi Group service should be directed, in writing, to the Leeds Bi Group committee here, as soon as possible and no later than 28 days after the event.   
The committee will record it to ensure it is tracked and responded to within the specified timescales.  
The committee should convene a meeting with the complainant and their representative (if appropriate) no later than 14 days after the complaint to discuss the issue.

If the complaint is against a member of the committee, that member will not attend this meeting. This should be made clear to the complainant.
The outcome of the meeting should be recorded and a copy sent to the complainant within 7 days of the meeting.

Complaints Regarding Co-Run/Funded Events

If an individual/group/volunteer would like to make a complaint about a meet up or event that is co-run or funded by another group or organisation, they have the right to contact that group or organisation. 
Contact details for such groups/organisations will be provided on request, and service users/groups/volunteers will be signposted to their complaints procedures where appropriate. 

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